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Wedding Reception Food; Fun Ideas

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You’ve got to feed the guests at your wedding reception, and probably everything you think of has been done before at a million other weddings. Or is it? These unique wedding reception food ideas can help make the dinner a meal to remember.

Wedding Reception Food Stations

A classy, modern spin on the old wedding reception buffet is the invention of freestanding food stations or centers. At separate round tables, guests pick up different types of food fare. One table can be sushi and another chicken parmesan, another for drinks and another for salads. Food stations can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on the foods you choose.

Finger Foods Only Wedding Receptions

Not only are finger food receptions less messy, they are also less expensive! Finger foods tend to be cheaper, plus you don’t have to buy any cutlery. For starters, think about breads, crackers, veggies and dip, chips and salsa, cream puffs, pinwheel wraps, deviled eggs, mixed nuts, or fruit skewers. You’ll find that guests who have their hands free while eating are more likely to mingle and converse with each other.

Wedding Receptions with a Chocolate Fountain

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The main attraction of your wedding reception could be an ornate chocolate fountain with liquid chocolate flowing down the sides. Provide a variety of foods for guests to dip in chocolate (or eat plain): pretzels rods, strawberries, cherries, pineapple slices, apple slices, Graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, bananas, Nutter Butters, and mint Oreos. Practically anything tastes good in chocolate – just make sure to keep it off your dress!

Cultural Foods at your Wedding Reception

The standard “chicken or fish” option at wedding receptions doesn’t have to apply to your wedding reception if you go with cultural foods. Consider choosing foods from the culture of your heritage, feature an “around-the-world” type menu with everything from Chinese to Mexican food, or use Italian food to complement your old-world Italy wedding theme.

Wedding Reception Mini Foods

Almost anything can be made into a tasty bite-sized treat, from the main course (mini burgers) to dessert (mini muffins.) Other ideas for mini wedding reception foods include mini crab cakes, cocktail weenies, red potatoes, baby carrots (or other veggies), Jell-o cubes, or pizzas made on mini bagels. Soups, parfaits, or ice cream can be served in shot glasses.

Unique Wedding Reception Dessert Bars

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The standard wedding cake slice is only the size of a pack of cards – that’s why plenty of couples choose to provide an array of desserts in addition to (or even instead of) wedding cake. Old standards like brownies, cookies, pastries, and pies are great, but that’s just the beginning. What about a soft-serve ice cream bar with all the toppings, or a candy bar featuring suckers, mints, Jolly ranchers, taffy, M&Ms, and so on?

Wedding Reception Food Colors

Explore incorporating your wedding colors into your meal? Use food coloring sparingly, choosing foods that are naturally colored whenever you can. Vibrant fruits and vegetables can be used as toppings, garnishes, or chopped up and mixed in to naturally tint your recipe any color of the rainbow.

The wedding reception meal is traditional, but the food you serve doesn’t have to be. For a creative and unique twist, all you need to do is think of a “hook” or “angle” for your wedding reception food and run with it. These wedding food ideas should kick-start your creativity.

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Who Sits at the Head Table during a Reception?

a head table with name plaques
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Who Sits at the Head Table?

At some point in wedding planning, every Latter-day Saint couple has to make the decision about who is going to join them at the head table at their wedding reception. There’s no “right” way to do things, but here are some of the most common head table seating scenarios at LDS wedding receptions:

Traditionally the wedding couple sits in the center of a U-shaped or long rectangular head table, the bride on the right flanked by her bridesmaids and the groom to the left flanked by his groomsmen. Ushers, flower girls, ring bearers, and so on do not sit at the head table.

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Reception Buffet Food Ideas for LDS Wedding Receptions

Wedding Buffet Menu Items: Reception Buffet Food Ideas

LDS Reception Buffet
Photo Courtesy of Whitney Lewis Photography

Deciding on a buffet rather than a sit-down dinner gives you a lot of peace of mind when you’re in the throes of wedding planning: you’re juggling so many expenses that saving money with a buffet feels great. But now you need to decide what to serve at your wedding buffet!

Whether your buffet is catered or you’re putting it together yourself, here are some essential things you need to know about wedding buffet food selection.

Wedding caterers who do buffets generally offer different packages of food at tiered price levels. This simplifies the process for them and for you.

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Serving Food in the Cultural Hall

Serving Food in the Cultural Hall during an LDS Reception

info on serving food in a cultural hall
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The cultural hall of the local ward or branch meetinghouse is the venue of choice for many LDS wedding receptions: it’s able to accommodate a crowd, comes attached to a kitchen for food preparation, and is completely free of charge to reserve and use.

If you’re planning on a Mormon cultural hall reception, here are some of the things you need to know about preparing and serving the food.

Never assume that the cultural hall and kitchen will be available on any given date. Various church events, from Relief Society meetings to Webelos den meetings, may be held in the cultural hall all throughout the week. Before planning anything for the reception, schedule the date with the building coordinator. If you don’t know who ask, the bishop can guide you to the right person.

When reserving the cultural hall, double-check the rules on using the kitchen. Ovens in LDS meetinghouse kitchens are to be used for warming food only, not for cooking. You will need to cook the foods at another location and keep them warm while transporting them to the meetinghouse.

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How to Display the Tiers of Your Cake

Wedding Cake Arrangements: How to Display the Tiers of Your Cake

How to display an LDS wedding cake
Photo Courtesy of Linsey Hale Photography

So you’ve decided on the colors, shapes, and styles you like – but have you given much thought to the final arrangement of your wedding cake tiers?

Most wedding cakes have between two and five tiers – or levels – with the most common number of tiers being four. Of course, how many tiers you need depends on the size of your guest list and the diameter and shape of each tier.

Wedding cakes have a prominent place on their own dedicated “cake table” near the front of your reception room, slightly off to the side of the head table where the bride, groom, and wedding party are seated.

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Wedding Cake Colors, How to Choose

colors of wedding cakes
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Choosing Wedding Cake Colors

Although there are many factors that go into a wedding cake’s final appearance – shape, size, texture, arrangement, and presentation – color is probably the most salient factor.

People will notice the colors on your wedding cake first and remember them longer than they remember anything else about it, so make choosing your wedding cake colors a supremely important decision.

The color white has long been a universally understood symbol for purity, so naturally it has become synonymous with weddings. No surprise here that the traditional wedding cake color is white – but traditional doesn’t have to mean boring.

The smooth, white layer of fondant can certainly stand on its own without adornment. But using white frosting to create…read more

Garter Toss for LDS Wedding Receptions

LDS Wedding Alternatives to the Garter Toss

garter toss and alternatives for LDS wedding receptions
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If you are LDS and planning your wedding reception and your reaction to the words “garter toss” is “absolutely not!”, or you are in any way uncomfortable with removing and tossing a garter in front of all your friends and family, read on to find plenty of fun alternatives.

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