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Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Wedding Reception Buffets

Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Wedding Reception Buffets

DIY food buffet at an LDS reception
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Are you thinking about planning and executing your own wedding reception buffet? It certainly is cost-effective, but if you do it yourself it will be the most labor-intensive event you’ll take on in quite a while. Here’s a general guide to planning and executing your own wedding buffet.

You can do much of the planning and prep work yourself, but on at the reception itself you won’t be available to do the grunt work. After all, you’ll be too busy and distracted to worry about re-stocking the rolls and double-checking that the salad is being kept cool enough! A DIY buffet only works when…read more

How to Save Money on the Wedding Reception Dinner

How to Save Money on the Wedding Reception Dinner

bread table food station
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After the dress, the flowers, the cake, and decorating the reception hall, let’s face it – you are quickly running up the bill and are probably looking for ways to trim costs where you can. Luckily, wedding reception dinners are one area where you can really pare down costs without cutting corners with some of the methods in this article.

Make sure to get several quotes from caterers in your area before signing a contract with anyone. (Just make sure that a caterer with a much lower rate than others isn’t planning on “surprising” you by tacking on extra charges after the fact.) Don’t be afraid to haggle with your caterer, either. Just like when you’re buying a car, catering prices aren’t set in stone.

Just like beauty schools provide salon services to the public for cheap, culinary schools and catering colleges will be happy to…read more

Catered Meals: Choosing a Wedding Reception Dinner Menu

Catered Meals: Choosing a Wedding Reception Dinner Menu

Caterer Dinner Menu
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So you’ve settled on a plated wedding reception dinner, where guests are served at their seats just like in a restaurant. As long as you can afford it, this really is the most elegant option for dinner service and will leave your guests with a favorable impression of the whole night.

Caterers generally arrange their menus in easy-to-read packages featuring a main course and one or two sides, and possibly a salad. Dessert is typically just a slice of wedding cake. Catering menus usually feature two or three different packages at different pricing levels ranging from $20 to over $50 per plate.

Even without doing the math you can see how a catered meal is an enormous expense of the wedding reception. All the same it’s better not to skimp on the food, because…read more

Wedding Reception Buffet vs. Sit Down Dinner

Wedding Reception Buffet vs. Sit Down Dinner

a guest at a sit down dinner
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There are all different kinds of LDS wedding receptions, from a catered soiree in a five-star hotel to a casual open house in the cultural hall. But all receptions have one thing in common: food!

Most couples choose either a buffet or a sit down dinner to feed their wedding reception guests. Buffets are self-serve assortments of food at a table in a central location for guests; sit-down dinners are portioned onto plates and served to guests at their tables.

Why choose a wedding reception buffet? Buffets are seen as more casual and less intimidating, in addition to being more affordable than catered per-plate dinners. People like buffets because…read more

Reception Buffet Food Ideas for LDS Wedding Receptions

Wedding Buffet Menu Items: Reception Buffet Food Ideas

LDS Reception Buffet
Photo Courtesy of Whitney Lewis Photography

Deciding on a buffet rather than a sit-down dinner gives you a lot of peace of mind when you’re in the throes of wedding planning: you’re juggling so many expenses that saving money with a buffet feels great. But now you need to decide what to serve at your wedding buffet!

Whether your buffet is catered or you’re putting it together yourself, here are some essential things you need to know about wedding buffet food selection.

Wedding caterers who do buffets generally offer different packages of food at tiered price levels. This simplifies the process for them and for you.

Look carefully at…read more

Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas for LDS Wedding Reception

LDS Wedding Reception Drinks: Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas

alternative drink ideas for LDS receptions
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Latter-day Saint couples may be unsure how to handle drink service at their wedding receptions, especially if not all of their guests are LDS. If you are uncomfortable with serving wine with dinner or alcohol at the bar, you’re well within your rights to have a 100% alcohol-free reception.

Having an non-alcoholic wedding reception is simple: think of better and tastier alternatives! Use sparkling cider instead of wine for the wedding toast, and serve a variety of non-alcoholic alternatives like sodas, juices, punch, flavored water, spring water, and other drinks at the bar.

You could also…read more

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