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Wedding Cake Shapes for LDS wedding cakes
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When you first walk into a professional wedding cake bakery, the first thing you will probably notice is that wedding cakes come in all different shapes and sizes. The shape you choose for your cake will have a dramatic impact on the cake’s overall appearance.

Round Wedding Cakes

Round tiers represent the classic, traditional wedding cake. They have a soft, timeless appearance. The circle is a well-known symbol for eternity, making a round cake more than appropriate for a wedding.

Square Wedding Cakes

wedding cake shapes
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Square tiers have recently become very popular. Their clean-line geometrical shape makes them very eye-catching on the head table at your wedding reception.

Square cakes are also very versatile: decorate with bright colors and bold designs for an ultra-modern cake or soften the look with more classic colors and patterns to make them appear more traditional.

Custom Wedding Cake Shapes

Though less common, some bakeries may offer special custom-made shaped wedding cakes with tiers that are hexagons, triangles, or hearts. These unusual shapes are not often seen at wedding receptions yet, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be done.

shapes of LDS wedding cake
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Brides with square-necked wedding gowns might try to echo element of the wedding with a square wedding cake; if you have circular tables at the reception then it might be nice to choose a round wedding cake. But really, it boils down to personal preference. Pick a shape you (and your groom) love, and whatever you choose will look great on the cake table at the reception.

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