Unique Wedding Cakes for LDS Couples

Unique Wedding Cakes for LDS wedding receptions
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If you don’t want the traditional white wedding cake with three perfectly stacked tiers, you’re not alone. Your wedding cake is the most special cake of your lifetime, so why not make it a cake your guests will remember? Try on some of these suggestions, or invent your own.

Round and square are the usual wedding cake shapes. Try mixing the two, so that your cake has some round and some square tiers. You can alternate – square, round, square, round – or you can have a truly random mix. If neither round nor square particularly appeals to you, pick a more unusual shape like hexagons or paisley drops for your wedding cake tiers.

unique wedding cakes for LDS receptions and open houses
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You can also experiment with color to make your wedding cake stand out. Colored wedding cakes are quickly becoming the norm, but usually all tiers are the same color. Frost each tier of your wedding cake in a different color, the bolder the better.


A Unique LDS wedding cake
Photo Courtesy of Ravenberg Photography

Unique wedding cakes often mix up the usual stacked arrangement. If you go with square tiers, stack them on top of each other at interesting angles to make your cake more eye-catching. Square or round tiers can be stacked slightly off-center, or they can be flush at the back of the cake so the step between each tier is more pronounced. You could also reverse the traditional order of the tiers – use cake stands or dowels to stack tiers in order of ascending size with the smallest layer on the bottom.

Topsy Turvey Cakes

LDS reception unique wedding cakes
Cake by Granite Bakery, Photography by Photos by Wendy G.

Some unusual wedding cakes have round tiers that are tapered inward and slanted to one side at the top. The tiers look as if they are precariously balanced on top of each other (even though your decorator will make sure they are secure.) The unusual angles are usually emphasized by rigid geometric patterns in the icing such as stripes, diamonds, or checkers.

Choosing a wedding cake that is uniquely you can be difficult, but you don’t have to limit yourself in the shapes, colors, or arrangements that you choose. Feel free to experiment, run suggestions by your decorator, and above all pick something that you will enjoy seeing on the cake table during your wedding reception.

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