How to Cut Wedding Cake

How to Cut LDS Wedding Cake
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It’s your wedding reception. The cake is displayed beautifully near the front of the room, decorated to the nines and scattered with fresh flower petals. Guests have oohed and ahed over it; the photographer has recorded it on film for posterity. By now, you’ve spent so much time planning each tier and pedestal and layer of fondant you’ve probably forgotten that a wedding cake, like all other cakes, is meant to be eaten! But before you and your guests can dig in, you need to get educated on cake serving etiquette and procedure.

When is the Wedding Cake Cut?

The wedding cake cutting occurs in the last hour of the reception, just after the bride and groom publicly cut the first slice and feed it to each other. The cake is then taken to the back room or kitchen area out of sight to be cut or is cut in front of guests by those who know how.

Who Cuts the Wedding Cake?

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The most important thing to figure out is who is going to cut your wedding cake. If you are holding your reception at a banquet hall, reception room, or other catered venue, the staff can handle the cake cutting for you. Just be prepared for the steep cake cutting fee they will charge for the service if you bring in a cake that they did not prepare themselves.

If your reception is a do-it-yourself affair, you’ll need to appoint a friend (preferably two) to slice and serve the cake to all guests. Make sure they are familiar with the correct way to cut cake and have all of the necessary supplies at their disposal.

DIY Wedding Cake Cutting

The standard slice of wedding cake measures 1” wide by 2” inches deep by 4” high. The procedure for cutting the cake depends on the shape of your tiers, round and square being the most common. Have your designated cake-cutter study diagrams like the ones provided here. It’s a good idea to laminate them and hang them in the cake-cutting area to refer to while cutting.
Cutting diagram for round wedding cakes
To make the cuts, dip a large, sharp knife in hot water. Shake off the excess water and apply steady, even pressure to the knife handle to make a clean slice (not too fast and not too slow) into the cake. Wipe the knife with a towel between each cut to clean off frosting left behind from the last one. Carefully drop each piece of cake on its side on a dessert plate and place on a tray, serving table, or wheeled cart to facilitate serving large amounts at once.

Cake cutting is an art, but with the help of a cake cutting diagram and perhaps a little practice beforehand it is certainly possible for the layman. Cutting and serving your own wedding cake is a budget-friendly way to avoid costly fees associated with professional cake cutting services.

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