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colors of wedding cakes
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Although there are many factors that go into a wedding cake’s final appearance – shape, size, texture, arrangement, and presentation – color is probably the most salient factor.

People will notice the colors on your wedding cake first and remember them longer than they remember anything else about it, so make choosing your wedding cake colors a supremely important decision.

All-White Wedding Cakes

The color white has long been a universally understood symbol for purity, so naturally it has become synonymous with weddings. No surprise here that the traditional wedding cake color is white – but traditional doesn’t have to mean boring.

The smooth, white layer of fondant can certainly stand on its own without adornment. But using white frosting to create an understated white-on-white pattern of curlicues or polka-dots adds texture and dimension to the cake.

All-white cakes rely on external additions to add color and pique visual interest – so choosing one is going to make your embellishments the star of the show. Traditionally, white cakes use fresh flowers or greenery, but a number of alternative embellishments including fall leaves, holly berries, fruit, and ribbons are often spotted.

White Wedding Cakes with Colored Frosting

colors for wedding cakes
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To preserve the traditional white wedding cake feel but with a little more flare, many brides opt for a white cake with colored frosting. Branching leaves and curlicue patterns are more conservative, while geometrical shapes such as stripes, polka-dots, or diamonds are more modern and daring.

Colored Wedding Cakes

While virtually unheard-of a few decades ago, colored wedding cakes are becoming quite commonplace in today’s LDS wedding scene. A colored wedding cake can be either square or round. The colored cake can be left unadorned, embellished with all-purpose white or black frosting, or decorated with a second hue in the wedding color pallet.

Rules for Choosing Wedding Cake Colors

Different wedding cake toppers
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There is tremendous freedom in choosing colors for your wedding cake. Anything from tried-and-true white to daring bold, just make sure that there’s not too much going on in terms of color.

In general, a plain cake can handle brightly-colored flowers (and more of them) while a colorful cake should be embellished sparingly with colors that match the cake.

Choosing cake colors, especially now that there really are no limits, is possibly the most fun you’ll have while planning your wedding. Deciding on a color scheme and a pattern that are perfectly you is all you need to worry about.

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