The Cake Cutting Ceremony

How to cut LDS wedding cake
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The New Couple’s First Slice of Wedding Cake

The wedding cake cutting ceremony is a timeless wedding tradition. No reception, no matter how casual, would feel complete without it. It’s important to plan your cake cutting ceremony ahead of time and communicate those plans clearly with your photographer, your caterer, and your band or DJ to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

When to Cut the Wedding Cake

Cake Cutting Ceremony for LDS weddings
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Usually, the wedding cake remains on display for most of the reception, and the cake cutting ceremony begins about 45 minutes prior to the end of the reception. This gives guests enough time to enjoy their cake, squeeze in their last dance, and wish you well before the night is over.

Announcing the Cake Cutting Ceremony

The cake cutting ceremony by the bride and groom is an honored wedding tradition. In fact, many reception guests say that it’s their favorite part of the night. Ask your DJ or a wedding party member to announce when the cake cutting is about to begin so nobody misses it. Some couples like to accompany the announcement with a reprise of their first dance song.

How to Cut the Cake for Brides and Grooms

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The first slice is cut from the back of the cake, so the couple faces the reception guests while cutting. The groom stands behind the bride with his right hand over hers on the knife. They carefully cut two small pieces (remember to pause and smile at the camera before releasing the knife,) then feed them to each other.

Some couples like to feed each other simultaneously (make sure to use the same hands if you do), and others like to do it one at a time (groom feeding the bride first is tradition.) The smashing of cake in each other’s faces can elicit mixed reactions; make sure you and your future hubby are both on the same page about it beforehand to avoid a mortifying experience! Some say that the way you treat your sweetheart at this moment is the way you’ll treat each other during your marriage- so feeding each other carefully and with respect is the best choice!

There may or may not be music played during the cake cutting, depending on your personal preference. Some feel that silence highlights the specialness of the moment. Others like to have some background music, be it romantic or silly, to set the mood for the cake cutting.

Keepsake Cake Serving Sets

How to Cut an LDS wedding cake
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One small detail you will need to button up prior to the reception is what knife you are going to use for the cake cutting ceremony. If you use a specialty knife provided by your caterer you will most likely not be able to keep it (and if you can, it will cost you a fortune.) Some couples purchase ahead of time a 3-piece wedding cake serving set and use the ornamental knife to cut the first slice together. Afterward, they can keep the knife as a memento.

After the Cake Cutting Ceremony

After the groom and bride have finished feeding each other their first slice, the cake will be wheeled back to the kitchen to be cut for all the reception guests. It’s a good idea to have the band or DJ start playing music immediately after the cake cutting ceremony wraps up to eliminate awkward milling around while the guests are waiting to be served.

Cutting the first slice of cake together is a symbolic way to show that you and your husband will always be there to serve, help, and take care of one another. Factor this long-standing wedding tradition into your plans and make your cake cutting ceremony one to remember.

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