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Hard to believe it now, but the 365 days after you are married are going to fly by, and before you know it you’ll be celebrating your first wedding anniversary. Most couples, while they are in the middle of planning their wedding, also make arrangements for their first anniversary cake with their wedding cake decorator.

Most professional bakeries and cake designers make it easy for you to get your first anniversary cake through them. The following three options are the most common.

Freeze Your Wedding Cake

Many cake decorators will offer to freeze the top layer of your wedding cake, so that in one years’ time you will have a cake for two that helps you relive the most special moment of your life together.

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If the decorator doesn’t offer the service of freezing your cake, you can always do it yourself. Just make sure that the caterer or the cake decorator – whoever is doing the wedding cake cutting and serving – knows to reserve the top layer for you. To freeze the cake at home:
1. Place it in the freezer uncovered until hard.
2. Remove and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.
3. Place the wrapped cake inside a Ziploc freezer bag and pinch it shut most of the way across.
4. Insert a straw to suck out all the air from the bag before sealing the rest of the way across.
5. Repeat with a second bag.
6. Place the bagged cake inside an appropriately-sized box and store in the back of the freezer.

This may sound like quite a production, but remember that if you want to keep the cake good for a year, you need to take extra pains to be sure that air and moisture never come in contact with it!

Get a Voucher for Anniversary Cake

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Freezing the top layer is the most traditional way to celebrate your first anniversary, but what if the thought of eating 12-month-old cake (even if it has been preserved under the best of conditions) grosses you out?

Instead of freezing, many bakeries offer vouchers for free anniversary cakes good one year from the date of the wedding. If they don’t offer complimentary vouchers, ask if they would consider it – after all, they’re getting big business from your wedding cake, and a voucher for a small cake on your anniversary is a good way to say “thank you” and encourage you to refer any friends who are looking for a wedding cake designer.

If you don’t mind knowing that it’s not the same cake you ate at your wedding reception, getting a voucher is a nice way to enjoy a freshly-made, never-frozen anniversary cake free of charge.

Have a Replica Made

1 year anniversary cake
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Still another option for your first anniversary cake is to bring in a good quality photo of your wedding cake to a bakery and asking if they can recreate it for you (in miniature form, of course.)

Though it will cost more, getting a replica made allows you to recreate your wedding day without the risk of ingesting improperly preserved wedding cake by accident.

When celebrating their first anniversary, most couples either enjoy the frozen top of their wedding cake, redeem a voucher for an anniversary cake from their wedding bakery, or have a replica cake made fresh at any bakery they choose. Every couple has different preferences, so when choosing your cake designer make sure you look into their anniversary cake offerings to ensure that you’ll be satisfied a year from now.

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