How to Select Your LDS Wedding Day Transportation

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When the day of your LDS wedding arrives, it’s a great finishing touch to have special wedding transportation arranged for the sealing ceremony and/or wedding reception. But not all forms of transportation are created equal. To pick the right transportation for your LDS wedding, you need to select it based on budget, theme, and comfort.

Limos and stretch limousines have long been the traditional choices for wedding day transportation, but stretch hummers as well as classic or vintage cars are gaining in popularity. More unconventional vehicles could be appropriate depending on the wedding theme. A fairytale wedding could have the bride arriving or the couple departing in a horse-drawn carriage. A Harley-loving couple could consider riding in on a motorcycle (just be careful of the dress!) For a casual garden wedding the bride and groom may want to walk or ride bicycles. A destination wedding by the waterside could be perfect for entering in a gondolier-driven boat.

Decide whether you want the transportation for the entrance to the LDS Temple ceremony, the ride to the wedding reception hall, the exit from the reception, or all three. Run through your wedding day master plan to see how transportation will fit into the day. If you’re arriving at the ceremony early in jeans and a T-shirt to get ready, it doesn’t make sense to arrive in a limo. If you are being sealed in the temple it would be best to save the dramatic entrance and exit for the reception. Special wedding transportation is generally not appropriate for an LDS temple, and might not even be allowed depending on the temple president. (Make sure to find out his policy on decorating cars with veils, silly string, cans, and “just married” signs in the parking lot as well.)

Most transportation services charge by the hour, so your wedding budget will have some influence in how long you book a special car. If you are on a tight budget, hiring a quick getaway from the wedding reception only is a good solution. This is very dramatic, especially if the bride and groom are skipping out early with everyone watching them ride off. It gives the impression to everyone present that you are riding off into the sunset to begin your new life together – and you are!

In any case, the choices for wedding transportation are endless. No matter what type of transportation you choose, make sure to ask your carrier or driver:

¨      How long have you been in business?

¨      Are your drivers and vehicles licensed and insured?

¨      How do you charge? Is there a minimum time I must book the vehicle for?

¨      What are the backup plans in case of an emergency?

¨      Are there any additional fees associated with the transportation costs?

¨      What about cancellation fees?

Hiring the right kind of special transportation and using it at the right times can make a dramatic impact on your LDS wedding. Decide when you want the transportation and ask lots of questions before hiring a vehicle. With consideration of your budget and theme, you can find special transportation that perfectly rounds out your wedding day.

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