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The LDS bride and groom’s first dance is one of the sweetest moments of the wedding reception. It is symbolic of the new life you’re starting together, so it’s important to do it right.

Traditionally, the bride and groom first dance happens right after dinner is served to warm up the dance floor for the guests. If you aren’t serving dinner, the first dance is held soon after the bride and groom’s entrance to the reception.

LDS bride's and groom's first dance
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Choosing a first dance song is more complicated than it might at first appear. Before you get to specific titles, think about the type of song you want in general. What genre is most appropriate for your personalities and the tone of your reception: a classic love song or an upbeat top 40 hit? Something silly or something sweet? Slow or fast?

(Note: if you pick a currently popular song, realize that you’ll probably hear it on the radio every day for the next several months or years – this can either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preferences.)

Even if you and your fiancé have a special love song, it may not be the best choice for the first dance at your wedding reception. Read the lyrics from first verse to last, making sure that you are comfortable with all of them being played in front of everyone you know.

Evaluate the length of the song. Anything over 2 minutes is going to feel like an eternity when the whole room is staring at you. If your heart is set on a longer song, consider having the DJ invite all the other couples to join you on the dance floor after a minute or two to finish out the song.

first dance tips for LDS brides and grooms
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After you’ve chosen your song, make sure you practice your first dance in private at least once. Decide whether you want to do a choreographed dance, a formal dance like a waltz, or whether you’ll just be swaying in a circle together. Wear your wedding shoes, and give them a once-over with sandpaper before the wedding day to avoid slipping on the dance floor.

Last, talk to your photographer and/or videographer about how you want the first dance to be captured. If your photographer will be gone by the time your first dance rolls around, make sure to leave instructions with one of your wedding attendants to record the wedding first dance on film.

The song you choose today will become “your song,” and whenever you hear it you’ll remember your wedding day. When you take care to select the perfect song and practice once or twice beforehand, your first dance is sure to go over well.

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