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Traditionally, every bride and groom has a guest book at their wedding reception to help them remember who attended and make sure they have everyone’s current address for thank you cards.

Today’s guest books can be traditional, contemporary, or just plain off the wall – here’s what you need to know about having a guest book at your wedding or reception.

Wedding Guest Book Location

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It’s important to put your guest book somewhere easily visible and in a place where a line won’t clog the reception hall. The guest book is most often seen outside the main doors to the reception hall, but could also be next to the gift table or in another accessible location.

Who Will Be the Guest Book Helper?

It’s helpful to assign someone to stand by the guest book to remind people to sign it. If your guest book is very non-traditional, a person to give instructions to guests (especially very elderly ones) will increase the likelihood of having everyone sign it.

Some brides ask a wedding party member, while others choose another family member they’d like to honor. (Make sure that they get a corsage or boutonniere to make them feel special!)

Options for Your Wedding Reception Guest Book

LDS wedding guest book
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The traditional guest book is a white satin-covered volume with a space for guests’ names and addresses, but no rule says that your book can’t incorporate your wedding colors or theme.

Or, as many LDS couples are now discovering, your guest book doesn’t have to be a bound volume at all. Here are some alternative guest book ideas for couples who want something truly different:

♥ Instant photos beside each signature (special photo guest books are only about 30 pages long, better for small weddings)

♥ Engagement photo with a wide mat for guests to sign (available at photo retailers and drug stores)

guest notes for LDS wedding receptions
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♥ Live video with guest’s advice for marital happiness

♥ Antique skis to sign and hang on the wall at home Postcards to be mailed to you later (put in a decorative mailbox at the table)

♥ Postcards to be mailed to you later (put in a decorative mailbox at the table)

♥ Autographed quilt squares to sew together later Serving platter or piece of pottery to sign

♥ Serving platter or piece of pottery to sign

♥ Drop note cards in a fancy photo storage box

♥ Rolodex of cards containing best wishes, alphabetized by last name of the writer

♥ Note cards dropped in a large glass jar or apothecary jar

♥ Notes in the shape of your wedding theme hung on a fake tree or ornament stand

Some brides overlook the guest book, but others choose to revitalize it with a new spin. Having a record of the guests at your reception is both sentimental and practical, and your imagination is the limit when it comes to having a guest book at your LDS wedding reception.

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