How to Save Money on the Wedding Reception Dinner

bread table food station
Photo Courtesy of Teresa K. Photography

After the dress, the flowers, the cake, and decorating the reception hall, let’s face it – you are quickly running up the bill and are probably looking for ways to trim costs where you can. Luckily, wedding reception dinners are one area where you can really pare down costs without cutting corners with some of the methods in this article.

Make sure to get several quotes from caterers in your area before signing a contract with anyone. (Just make sure that a caterer with a much lower rate than others isn’t planning on “surprising” you by tacking on extra charges after the fact.) Don’t be afraid to haggle with your caterer, either. Just like when you’re buying a car, catering prices aren’t set in stone.

Just like beauty schools provide salon services to the public for cheap, culinary schools and catering colleges will be happy to…read more