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Virtually every LDS wedding involves some type of reception or open house. Regardless of the colors, theme, or tone of the wedding, an LDS reception is an opportunity for friends and family to wish the happy couple well and celebrate the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife.

Even though Mormon wedding receptions are generally held right after the ceremony, some LDS couples…read more

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  • LDS Wedding Reception Planning

    Plan Your LDS Wedding Reception The perfect wedding reception means a lot of different things to different couples. When you begin to plan your reception, draw up a list to help you determine what kind of reception you want. Will it be casual or formal? Afternoon or evening? Name the types of services you’d like […] Read more…

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    Choose a Wedding Cake Design Do you ever wonder how professionally-done cakes get that flawlessly smooth layer of frosting on top? Most wedding cakes are coated with fondant or buttercream icing that is rolled out with a rolling pin and draped over the cake to provide a smooth working surface. Rolled fondant or buttercream comes […] Read more…

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