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Catered Meals: Choosing a Wedding Reception Dinner Menu

Catered Meals: Choosing a Wedding Reception Dinner Menu

Caterer Dinner Menu

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So you’ve settled on a plated wedding reception dinner, where guests are served at their seats just like in a restaurant. As long as you can afford it, this really is the most elegant option for dinner service and will leave your guests with a favorable impression of the whole night.

Caterers generally arrange their menus in easy-to-read packages featuring a main course and one or two sides, and possibly a salad. Dessert is typically just a slice of wedding cake. Catering menus usually feature two or three different packages at different pricing levels ranging from $20 to over $50 per plate.

Even without doing the math you can see how a catered meal is an enormous expense of the wedding reception. All the same it’s better not to skimp on the food, because…read more

Wedding Reception Buffet vs. Sit Down Dinner

Wedding Reception Buffet vs. Sit Down Dinner

a guest at a sit down dinner

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There are all different kinds of LDS wedding receptions, from a catered soiree in a five-star hotel to a casual open house in the cultural hall. But all receptions have one thing in common: food!

Most couples choose either a buffet or a sit down dinner to feed their wedding reception guests. Buffets are self-serve assortments of food at a table in a central location for guests; sit-down dinners are portioned onto plates and served to guests at their tables.

Why choose a wedding reception buffet? Buffets are seen as more casual and less intimidating, in addition to being more affordable than catered per-plate dinners. People like buffets because…read more

Guide to Decorating Food Tables

Guide to Decorating Food Tables

beautiful skirted food table

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Having food stations, a buffet, or a dessert bar at your wedding reception is a great choice: both are economical, easy, and convenient. But you will need to worry about how to decorate your food tables, which inevitably become the focal point of the reception as the guests file past.

Just because your caterer will cover the buffet tables with a boring white linen tablecloth for free doesn’t mean you have to go that route. Match the buffet tablecloths to the…read more

Wedding Reception Appetizers and Hors d’oeuvres

Wedding Reception Appetizers and Hors d’oeuvres

bruchetta appetizer for a wedding reception

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You’re in the home stretch of wedding planning. The reception venue is booked and you’re starting to get into the really detailed planning, like what appetizers you want to serve to your reception guests.

Before you get down to fine-tuning your appetizer menu, you first need to make sure that hors d’oeuvres are appropriate for your wedding reception. Think about the theme and mood of your reception, and especially what time of day it is being held.

Late morning receptions call for a light brunch without appetizers. Appetizers at an afternoon reception certainly wouldn’t be expected, but if you want to serve them then you can give guests a lighter lunch. Evening wedding receptions that overlap with the dinner hour are…read more

What You Need to Know About Renting Wedding Party Equipment

What You Need to Know About Renting Wedding Party Equipment

catering equipment

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When you’re throwing a wedding reception of any shape or size, party rental companies can be your best friend. Chances are that you don’t have the tables, chairs, or catering equipment necessary for all your guests, so you’ll need to rent them.

Here’s what you need to know before renting items from an event rental company for your wedding.

• Check out their reputation. Look at any potential wedding rental companies’ status with the American Rental Association (ARA) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB.) Talk to friends and if nothing else, Google the company name to see what comes up. Any extremely dissatisfied customer has probably vented online somewhere.
• Know what you want. Are you looking for catering items like plates and silverware? Buffet warming trays? Tables and chairs? Tablecloths and linen napkins? Tents for an outdoor reception? Décor items? Find one…read more

Reception Buffet Food Ideas for LDS Wedding Receptions

Wedding Buffet Menu Items: Reception Buffet Food Ideas

LDS Reception Buffet

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Deciding on a buffet rather than a sit-down dinner gives you a lot of peace of mind when you’re in the throes of wedding planning: you’re juggling so many expenses that saving money with a buffet feels great. But now you need to decide what to serve at your wedding buffet!

Whether your buffet is catered or you’re putting it together yourself, here are some essential things you need to know about wedding buffet food selection.

Wedding caterers who do buffets generally offer different packages of food at tiered price levels. This simplifies the process for them and for you.

Look carefully at…read more

Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas for LDS Wedding Reception

LDS Wedding Reception Drinks: Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas

alternative drink ideas for LDS receptions

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Latter-day Saint couples may be unsure how to handle drink service at their wedding receptions, especially if not all of their guests are LDS. If you are uncomfortable with serving wine with dinner or alcohol at the bar, you’re well within your rights to have a 100% alcohol-free reception.

Having an non-alcoholic wedding reception is simple: think of better and tastier alternatives! Use sparkling cider instead of wine for the wedding toast, and serve a variety of non-alcoholic alternatives like sodas, juices, punch, flavored water, spring water, and other drinks at the bar.

You could also…read more

Serving Food in the Cultural Hall

Serving Food in the Cultural Hall during an LDS Reception

info on serving food in a cultural hall

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The cultural hall of the local ward or branch meetinghouse is the venue of choice for many LDS wedding receptions: it’s able to accommodate a crowd, comes attached to a kitchen for food preparation, and is completely free of charge to reserve and use.

If you’re planning on a Mormon cultural hall reception, here are some of the things you need to know about preparing and serving the food.

Never assume that the cultural hall and kitchen will be available on any given date. Various church events, from Relief Society meetings to Webelos den meetings, may be held in the cultural hall all throughout the week. Before planning anything for the reception, schedule the date with the building coordinator. If you don’t know who ask, the bishop can guide you to the right person.

When reserving the cultural hall, double-check the rules on using the kitchen. Ovens in LDS meetinghouse kitchens are to be used for warming food only, not for cooking. You will need to cook the foods at another location and keep them warm while transporting them to the meetinghouse.

You don’t want to get your guests sick because you weren’t…read more

Fun and Unique Wedding Reception Food Ideas

Fun Wedding Reception Food Ideas

fruit display for wedding receptions

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You’ve got to feed the guests at your wedding reception, and probably everything you think of has been done before at a million other weddings. Or is it? These unique wedding reception food ideas can help make the dinner a meal to remember.

A classy, modern spin on the old wedding reception buffet is the invention of freestanding food stations or centers. At separate round tables, guests pick up different types of food fare. One table can be sushi and another chicken parmesan, another for drinks and another for salads. Food stations can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on the foods you choose.

Not only are finger food receptions less messy, they are also…read more

Professional Catering for LDS Wedding Receptions

LDS wedding receptions and professional catering

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Catering for LDS Wedding Receptions

Wedding Receptions for the typical LDS bride and groom have come along way from the old standby menu of pastel mints and salted nuts. The basketball hoop in the cultural hall hidden by colorful streamers, and lines on the gymnasium floor covered by fake trees from the foyer, has long since faded from the norm. More often, LDS brides want wedding receptions with professional catering to satisfy their guests and take pressure off their mothers.

Professional full service catering? What’s all the fuss? Catering is pretty straight forward: you cook some food and serve it, right? Although that is the basic idea, there is more to it, a lot more! In fact…read more

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