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    Planning a reception for your LDS wedding? Whether you're going big or small, formal or casual, your planning starts here at WeddingLDS.

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    Wedding receptions in general are widely varied, but Latter-day Saint receptions have even more variability. In the Church of Latter-day Saints, receptions are held in the local chapel’s cultural hall just as often as they are held in a posh 5-star hotel ballroom.

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    WeddingLDS is here to help you plan the LDS wedding reception or open house of your dreams. One that will reflect your unique wedding style.

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Lovely LDS Wedding Receptions

Virtually every LDS wedding involves some type of reception or open house. Regardless of the colors, theme, or tone of the wedding, the reception is an opportunity for friends and family to wish the happy couple well and celebrate the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife.

Big or small, elegant or casual, the most important consideration for your LDS Wedding Reception is to make is yours. Take what’s unique about you as a couple and let it shine through. Need a little wedding reception help and guidance? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started…

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